What is the difference between Luci Color and Luci Color Essence?



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  • Allison White

    Hi there,
    I came across your question while shopping. My family & I simply adore these lights & this company in general. Somehow, we were lucky enough to discover them several years ago, & I believe we own - or have gifted, every product/every light they sell. So anyway, as far as I am aware, the old differences between the Luci Color & the Luci Color Essence is the finish on the outside plastic of the light itself & color hues.

    The Luci Color has a sparkle like finish & puts out deeper brighter colors (the color brightness- not actual brightness of the light itself). Where as the Luci Color Essence is a Matte like finish that emits softer hues. I think it simply comes down to what Kind of vibe you want to set with the light.
    *Luci Color = Party🎉, Kids/Teens, anything a tad bit more energetic.
    **Luci Color Essence = Relaxation, Comfort, Bath, Bedtime Night Light, Meditation Room Light, etc.

    ——> Lastly, I must add.... you can’t really go wrong with either choice. They are both beautiful, fun to use, & extremely handy to have on hand for a rainy day, a family/kiddo (electronic free) treat, & to gift! They are ALWAYS a hit as gifts (children & grownups alike ;-)! 👍🏼

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